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A Colombian Solution to a Global Coffee Problem



Abira grew from the frustrations of Colombian coffee producers who saw a need to remove the inequity from the global supply chain. The coffee industry’s opaque trading systems make global markets inaccessible to farmers, who are struggling under the weight of historically low coffee pricing.

Colombian Solution:

Our mission is to bridge the divide between Colombian coffee producers like us and roasters abroad. Abira’s unique sales channel allows our farms and partner producers to export the full breadth of their coffees directly to roasters. We help roasters build relationships at origin and farmers gain their deserved recognition. Let us show you how our vertical integration makes for a better story behind your cup.


Careful processing maintains quality


U.S. storage for direct distribution


Sort coffee to exact quality specifications


We are a licensed Colombian exporter


It's Time to Rethink the Traditional Supply Chain

For years, we have witnessed the traditional coffee supply chain swallow up the profits of local producers with little regard for the damage this behavior has on the community. No longer. Abira was founded upon the concept of supporting small family farms and medium sized producers by breaking the traditional supply chain. It is time to bring our coffee and our neighbors’ coffees directly to you.

We track and communicate to buyers, all aspects of the coffee we grow and sell. We know the type of coffee, the environmental practices of the farm, how it was processed and how it was sold. If we put our name on anything, we want to know everything about it.

Who We Are

Abira's team is comprised of farmers who carefully hand-pick each bean off our farms as well as seasoned coffee professionals who help process and deliver the coffee from our home to yours. We boast a large network of personal relationships with producers around the country, maintaining a high level of traceability and quality standards throughout our logistics channels.

​Our passion for coffee drives us to meticulously control each level of production and allows us to deliver exceptional quality and consistency.  This attention to detail ensures that we provide our roasting partners a portfolio of coffees while providing meaningful impact in our community. 


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Email: sales@abira.com.co


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